Sunday, April 20, 2014

Mixail 004 - "Saw" Track List

#5am post. For those who are reading this as it's being posted: hello Eastern World!

I'm becoming nocturnal on weekends because I like this time so much. I slept a bit through the day and now I've been choosing the tracks for Mixail's debut album which we're titling "Saw". It literally took me a few hours to get it perfect.

Why so long? Track list is important and there are many things to consider. Not only do the tracks need to be organized based on quality, their names should be taken into consideration too. Remember Daft Punk's Interstella 5555? A music video animation for the entire LP was developed that synced well with the names of some tracks. Some, not all. I think I've hit the nail on the head with this one though. Oh how we'd love to have an Interstella-type video for this album, but this will have to wait. At least Extraction is getting its own video, which should serve to introduce the storyline in very subtle way. It's under development still, and this needs to be done asap because we will be using a screenshot of the video as the artwork for the album.

I'm listening to A New Love now, it's the closer of the album. What a great track. Call me biased, but they are all so good. Emotional, melodic, certainly musically unique. Some have called it a new genre.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Have I unintentionally created a trend when I find the time to write? I think my last three posts were all written at abnormal hours like 4:00 in the morning. EST, Toronto CA time. Like right now.

Not surprisingly, I love this time. I would say it's my favourite time of the 24hrs. For some reason to me, daytime carries a characteristic hasty feel to it when compared to this time. It's a time that I can focus on planning for the next day, reading, studying... It's a time that I feel like everyone around me is on pause (because I consciously know they are so - my local friends are all asleep!), and I am being given the chance to stay and be with myself. Although, the switch of a tab here brings me to connection with the eastern side of the global map... providing a world that never sleeps for everyone in this planet connected to the Internet:

And that's the internet of 2014, strong as ever. Notice the word "trend"? I feel like writing a bit about Twitter today.

One reason why I love Twitter: the world never stops there. One side of the globe is always awake, and sure thing... they're on Twitter!

As an artist manager, this sure does play a role in getting results for the artist. I want to schedule a gig in India? Ok, but I'll have to be calling in the middle of my night. I want to reach out to more people in Europe when I Tweet? Ok, but better tweet at a time of the day in which they are using the internet at its daily peak time. The internet, and its ability to provide worldwide (potentially massive), instant communication and, most importantly, interaction (unlike television or radio) is the revolutionizing aspect of the 21st century.

The other reason I like Twitter is that you get to communicate with all of your followers, unlike Facebook.

But I don't get why people criticize Facebook. Advertising costs have always been calculated per person reached (or per mil, same math), so why doesn't it make sense for Facebook to charge the advertiser per interaction? The advertisers even have the advantage of reaching more people than what they pay for if people see their ad but don't interact with it (but this may already be accounted for in the pricing... I'm not sure but I bet it is!). So how can companies really get pissed off about the fact that Facebook demands money in exchange for the Marketing utility? Making advertisers pay is a logical business move when it comes to making $$ out of your huge user base's expense, the expense coming from the fact that Facebook had turned into an obsession, first from the personal users (as a social media website) and then, as a result of this massive user base in addition to Facebook's attractively accurate statistics used for advertisers to reach their target audience, company profiles.

Since last year I keep hearing about Twitter and their "Native" advertising method but I've never been prompted with the option of advertising my tweets. I'm sure it will get here (if it hasn't already in a way I'm oblivious to).

But yeah, that's what I've been thinking about lately... the never dormant area for mass communication that the internet has become with Twitter and other sites like Reddit and 4Chan (Facebook to a lesser extent, I find). Microvlogging (Vine) was an expected idea to follow Twitter. It was fun with MSN way back when I was in Middle School, but Twitter is like MSN on steroids.

Funny, I initially felt like writing about Music when I came here but I totally changed my attention to Marketing as I began thinking about how the Internet has played a role in my upbringing. Regarding Music, I have great news that I'm itching to blurt out to you guys but it's too early. :/ Overall I've been doing well, tons to do and tons of time management efforts daily, but things are progressing in a way that I'm satisfied with. I'll make a better effort to write here more often.

I need to get some sleep now, I'm working on Mixail's website when I wake up. Wordpress is pretty awesome... Just thinking about the future of web development makes me want to continue writing. But, that's enough for one sitting, I'll write again when I'm not so tired.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Mixail 003 - Extraction / Among Stars

The double-track Extraction / Among Stars single got released today, March 24. It is one of Mixail's strongest tracks to date and it got good results, especially now that the fan base is growing and getting to know him better.

A few of the first fan comments :)

The music video for Extraction is developing nicely. Sean Mitchell, my room mate and founder of Axon Parallax Visual Art Design, is hungry to get into the music industry and, being the perfectionist that he is, it may take us a month to finish it. Which, even though it's a long time after the single has been released, is fine by me. I prefer to upload quality content to the fans instead of uploading some shitty thing just because of the track's release date.

In the Mixail Fan Community, we are uploading pictures of the video's development process every Friday. I think it's fun for the fans to check out and immerse themselves further into the Mixail project. Last Friday's picture is the following:

Monday, March 17, 2014

Quickly Catching Up

The post frequency here bothers me. I have thought of a way to start posting more often and I came to this conclusion: I need to change things here a bit on this site. I'm not talking about layout (which I realize sucks for now) but actual content - there are some subjects in the tabs that I haven't written about in the longest of times. I'm not saying I'll erase those ideas, but remodel things a bit so that I can manage to post more frequently here without having to write a lot every time (for example, I don't have time to do a proper Album Review, which is one of the tabs). Plus, Management and Career Journal have become quite the same thing lately. I have some ideas going and it should make this a bit more enjoyable, at least for me. (I don't care who reads this stuff... as explained in my very first post, I don't do it for you anyways. But having said that, the curious are welcome to follow along.)

Things have been going well. Lots to think about and sometimes I feel like adulthood punched me in the gut. It's been a quick change. It is not Brazilian tradition to have a job while in High School (not where I studied at least), and now that I consider myself heavily involved as a student, concert promoter, and artist manager (with a record label & a talented producer to manage), it's quite different from when I was at Laurier for university study, for classical composition and performance. It's not just studying and learning anymore, it's actually making things happen... it's more real. I like it. I feel like I have matured much more in the past year - hell, in the past months. I think I am taking the punch well.

Saturday, March 01, 2014

Mixail 002 - The Mixail Fan Community

(In case you're coming to this blog (which seriously needs a better design/layout doesn't it?) for the first time and don't know what's going on here, I'm an artist manager and I write about things that are happening with the development of the artists I work for, and about music in general. This is Mixail, the artist I am managing.)

The Mixail Fan Community was opened last week. It is a newborn for now but I am confident that it will grow well. I'm looking forward to this because I very much enjoy the fact that the internet has become such an efficient global communication tool - I created the MFC after asking if he'd like to use this possibility in his career and he told me that he would be glad to have a more direct social interaction with the fans he has, so the idea for a group on Facebook is to me a good one, in addition to Twitter and the many other conventional ways of socializing on social media. He's already posted tracks he's been working on, etc.

To give the new members something captivating to look at once they join, we are now every Friday posting a picture of the Extraction Music Video Behind the Scenes. This is a video with a concept that will only give you guys a very basic understanding of what the storyline is. I am directing the video along with Sean Mitchell who is our computer graphics wiz at Axon Parallax. There is a lot to do and I'm not sure if releasing the video on the day Extraction gets out is realistic, but it is not a big deal to finish it by then.

A few pictures of the development process that have been posted already:

Working with the artist has been going well, even though we do not actually speak to each other because of the language barrier - we text using Google translator. It's efficient enough to give important information across but yes, it is not the most humane way of working as a team... we're trying to make this situation as temporary as possible. He is quick and good at writing music and he is eager to try new musical ideas, which is excellent.

Working with Black Sunset Music has also been good because - and this has been proven time and again - the trust is very strong between the company and I. That's to me the most crucial element when it comes to administering project as a team, especially when unconventional ideas are being thrown in.

2014 will be seeing a lot of good releases, I know it.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Anyone here a fan of "IDM"? Who likes Autechre? Amon Tobin? Secede?

IDM, Intelligent Dance Music, is an arrogant, condescending name in a presumptuous way. But, I do feel that IDM in general deals with a level of sound experimentation of which I find it unfortunate that a lot of electronic dance music out there do not have. To me, IDM is not a genre, it's a more outside of the box approach to electronic music and sound design. It does not comply to standards of what "works" (pop electronic dance, or, EDM), it instead experiments with rhythms, harmonies, melodies, structures. Because of its experimental nature, "IDM music" may not appeal to everyone, generally speaking of course.

Add a "dance" feel to it and things can get very interesting, right? That to me is what happened with Techno, late last century. You could say that early Techno was the implementation of a dance-geared style of percussion with the synthesis technology of the time, pioneered by the likes of Leon Theremin, Don Buchla, Robert Moog. House music blended disco and the sample-based method of hip-hop together in a way that worked, and the next step was to to experiment with sound. Trance, a more melodic style of composition, comes from Techno.

The following is obviously subjective to my personal taste, but I think that we have deviated too much from the sound synthesis experimentation to a more "popular" style of composition, one that is scared to venture beyond what works and, as a result, does not fully take advantage of the way modern technology allows for creative musical expression. The Omnisphere, to me, looks interesting, check it out.

Who am I to be saying this? You haven't heard my music, nor you will for a while. I'm nowhere close to being an expert on synthesis and composition. But I know what I like to hear, and right now I'm disappointed with the monotony in sound synthesis that is present in a big section of EDM. It does not have to be exotic IDM "weirdness" - you can have popular talent and still delve deep into creating an aural experience that takes the listener to different worlds - worlds that are unique to your personal style of composition.

Don't copy, reinvent. Think outside of the box and be creative.

Monday, February 03, 2014

I Regret Missing the Superbowl.

I regret missing the Superbowl. The amount of regret is minimal though - it's not really that frustrating. Come on, it's a commercial event gathered around a pretty monotonous sport.

But the reason I regret deciding to ignore it is this: social integration.

Here's a little preamble: I'm 21, I consider myself having an age in which is natural time for an adult to at least start to learn about his personal psychology. With enough self-analysis, one's strengths and weaknesses become more apparent, and becomes a critical source for confidence when it comes to making decisions and taking action. Knowing yourself and acting the way you want can be harder than it seems.

One weakness of mine is one type of social skill: ignorance for what does not appeal to me.

Friday, January 17, 2014

My Opinion on Contemporary Nintendo

Nintendo's Wii U has been circulating for 14 months now, and this is the current headlines for how the company is doing: "Nintendo Forecasts $335M Operating Loss Following Unimpressive Holiday Sales"

If Nintendo had continued to do EXACTLY what they USED to do - that is, make absolutely creative storylines that comprise of charismatic characters such as Samus Aran, The Starfox Team, Olimar & The Pikmin, Link and all the other charismatic people of Hyrule, etc. etc. etc. they'd still be strong. Yes, Pikmin has been released recently, ok, but why not a Metroid instead? And yes, they confirmedly are working on a new Zelda, but if it's not released, what's the point.

I used to be the Nintendo guy back in my high school. Loved their games, their stories, the characters. Granted, Nintendo's storylines tended to a younger demographic at the time, but that demographic has grown and matured. That is the current problem - Nintendo has not come up with stories that synchronize with the target market and stuck with the childlike ones, which is fine because they ARE intelligently interesting, but when your competition is and thus "stealing" your clientelle, then you will have financial problems as is the case right now.